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I don’t normally reblog these but I think the second and third bring up examples that should be discussed more in popular culture: for sake of discussing clarity of consent, boundaries, and how to ask for consent. The second is particularly important because it paints a scenario where the person committing the offense may not be a monster, or abusing with intent, but is clearly being careless and disregarding the feelings of the person they’re interacting with.

There’s this cultural misconception right now that if an abuser isn’t a stranger or beating someone within an inch of their life then it isn’t rape. And that’s simply not true.

Sex and violence are represented in a very narrow spectrum - an almost singular image - in television in media right now. (For a variety of reasons: sensationalism, emotional manipulation of the viewer, whatever…) But this simplicity creates one single script of what a thing is… and real life isn’t that simple.

I think the narrow depiction does everyone a disservice. It causes us, as a culture, to create a hierarchy of sex/violent crimes and gives abusers a bar to limbo under. (“Oh, well, it couldn’t have been that bad/traumatic! It wasn’t like what I saw on TV!”)

Regular people are capable of making poor decisions and doing terrible things and we need to start understanding that.

(*Unrelated to this, but discussing a similar line of thought, was a recent Gawker column: “Woody Allen is Not a Monster. He Is a Person. Like My Father.”)

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